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Magic and Ritual in Perfumery: Activating the Alchemist Within Through the Study of Natural Correspondences

September 22, 2016

House of Matriarch Founder and Perfumer Christi Meshell has been proclaimed "one of the most gifted Noses in the world".  Jaws drop when it's revealed... Continue Reading

LUCA TURIN LOVES House of Matriarch Perfumes

September 19, 2016

Luca Turin, one of the most respected fragrance critics in the entire world, recently published a review of our perfumes. House of Matriarch has earned his seal... Continue Reading

KAZIMI: BEST NICHE ROSE PERFUME FOR MEN & WOMEN: 100% Natural Luxury Perfume Review

September 19, 2016

House of Matriarch's latest fragrance release Kazimi has drawn applause from fragrance critics and connoisseurs.  With seven varieties of natural rose from around the world, nothing else... Continue Reading

Natural Perfumes for Any Mood - Pure Essences Move Us In Incredible Ways

September 01, 2016

At House of Matriarch we believe that Nature is the ultimate luxury.  True essences from Nature move humans at a soul level - few things... Continue Reading