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Ambre Vie – 2012
100% Natural, Vegan
NOTES: Ambreine, Mimosa, Davana, Dragon’s Blood, Costus.

Black No.1 – 2012 (formerly known as Blackbird)
Black Leather
97.5% natural
NOTES: Leather, Cannabis, Agarwood, Pine, Fir, Seaweed.

Forbidden – 2012
White Floral
100% Natural
NOTES: Absinthe, Damiana, Tuberose, Wild Mushroom, Papyrus, Precious Woods, Snake Leather, Sweet Baked Earth.

Coco Blanc – 2012
100% natural
NOTES: Hawaiian Vanilla, Ambrette, Soft Noble Woods, Massoia, Warm Chai Spices.

Devotion – 2013
99% Natural
NOTES: The frankincense, from Oman. The myrrh, Somalia.

Eaglewood – 2013
Precious Wood – Oud
100% Natural
NOTES: Agarwood.

Epiphany – 2013
98.5% Natural
NOTES: Organic Lavender grown and distilled in Washington (Hidcote Pink EO & Blue and White Lavender Concretes), Champaca, Tobacco, Amber, Lily Enfleurage, Pepper, Honey, Coriander, Sandalwood, Oakmoss. The Oud provides structure, yet remains subtle.

Woo – 2013
100% Natural
NOTES: Tropical Flowers, Ocean Breezes, Tobacco, Leather, Vanilla and Genuine Ambergris.

Sex Magic – 2013
Precious Wood
98.6% Natural
NOTES: Thirteen Varieties of Cedar, Sandalwood, Oud, Gandhi Root, Leather.

Albatross – 2015
98.5% Natural
NOTES: Natural Marine Accord, Cork, Driftwood, Cottonwood.

Madrona – 2015
98.8% Natural
NOTES: Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Madrona.

Orca – 2015
99.3% Natural
NOTES: Genuine Ambergris, Natural Honey, Resins, Spicy and Leathery notes.

Trillium – 2015
Fresh Floral/Tea
98.7% Natural
NOTES: Black, White, Red and Green Teas, White Florals, Rooibos, Aglaia, Mimosa, Coffee Flower, Roman Chamomile.

Antimony – 2016
99.9% Natural
NOTES: Charred Frankincense, Kewra, Henna, Palo Santo, Galangal, Sandalwood Ashes, Spikenard, Ghee, Copal, Oud and Precious Attars of Mitti, Kadam, Rose.

Aria in F# – 2017
Vintage Style
98.5% Natural
NOTES: Incredible, vintage 1950's vintage Mysore sandalwood anchors the blend in a soft noble wood foundation while cardamom, rose petal, orange blossom and patchouli absolutes dance with an exotic flare.

Destrier – 2017
98% natural
NOTES: Hay, Clover, Sweetgrass, Smoky Woods, Valerian, Leather, Stables and Bravery.

Kazimi – 2017
Rose/Sacred Blend
100% Natural
NOTES: White Ginger, Ruh Gulab, Edward Rose, Rose Bourbania, Rose Apothecary Concrete Tincture, Rose Otto White Rose India, Wild Rose, Red Cedar Heartwood, Green Heart Wood, Opoponax, Oakmoss, Oud, Africa Stone, Ambergris, Exotic Spices.

The Longing – 2017
Gourmand/White Floral
96% Natural
NOTES: Plum, Jasmine, Butter, Agarwood, Boronia, Vanilla Orchid, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Honey, Osmanthus, Leather, Amber, Vanilla, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Ambrette Musk.

Toukka Ta Tao – 2017
Fruity Tropical
98.8% natural
NOTES: Lychee, Lilikoi, Davana, Marigold, Mango, Kava Kava, Spicy Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Frangipani, Jasmine Sambac, Palm Fronds, Tropical Sea Breeze, Coconut, Tolu, Ambergris, Beach Musk, Sesame, Myrrh, Tonka, Sandalwood, Balsam, Vanilla.

Two of Cups – 2017
99.3% Natural
NOTES: Cassie, Neroli, Jasmine, Tiare, Rose Petals, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang (Nosy Be), Beeswax Absolute, Exotic Spices, Balsams, Cedar, Deerstongue, East Indian Sandalwood, Oakmoss,Tobacco, Oud, Costus, Ethical Musk Notes and Ambergris.

Ghazal – 2018
Sacred Blend/Precious Woods
99.6% Natural
NOTES: Cedars Of Lebanon (Grown/distilled In Washington, USA), Royal Arabian Incense Blend, Mysore Sandalwood, Vintage New Zealand Ambergris.

WitchMusk – 2018
93% Organic - 98% Botanical - 99% Natural
NOTES: Vanilla, Spicy Musk, Broom, Patchouli Powder, Sabinene, Ambery Woods.

Twin Flame – 2018
99.5% Natural
NOTES: Double-Blooming Roman Chamomile, Ambrette Seed Absolute, Champaca, Three Varieties of Jasmine, Gardenia, Coffee Flower, Ylang, Tea Rose, Magnolia, Neroli, Osmanthus, Broom and Tuberose.

Tetramorph – 2019
Squaring The Scent Wheel
98% Natural
NOTES: Rose Leaf, Colombian Gardenia, Forest Moss, Angel Feathers.

Violet Flame – 2019
Natural Violet
99% Natural
NOTES: Ravensara, Swiss Violet, Elder Flower, Rare Single-production Heather, Orris Root Powder Aged 30+ Years, Orris Butter, Licorice Root, Arnica, Oakmoss, Amethyst Charged Grape Spirits.

The Maj – 2013
100% Natural
NOTES: Aged Mysore Sandalwood Attars of Kewra, Kadam, Mitti and Vetiver.

Sacre Noir – 2017
99.5% Natural
NOTES: Noble Woods, Resinous Incenses, Exotic Spices, Warm Balsams, Oak, Special “Sugarplum” Accord.

Black Sheep – 2019
Natural Costus
NOTES: Costus, Clover, Copal, Cistus.

Bonsai – 2019
NOTES: Alligator Juniper, Black Copal, Aglaia, Chrysanthemum, Evergreens, Conifers, Balsamic Woods, Incense, Spices.

Beautywood – 2020
Woody Gourmand
NOTES: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Balsams, Aged Rosewood, Benzoin, Oud.

Vanilla Caviar – 2020
NOTES: Vanilla Caviar, Plumeria, Ambrette, Sesame Seeds.

Noble Woods

NOTES: Virgin Foliage, Aromatic Herbs, Peeling Bark, Sunshine Accord, Madrona Blossoms, Oakmoss, Noble Woods, Fossilized Amber.

Ex Votos – 2022

Historical/Sacred Blend NOTES: Beeswax, Kewra Attar, Everlasting, Burning Candles, Goldenrod, Genet, Narcissus, Hydrocarboresin, Angelica, Ylang Absolute, Deerstongue.

KiKi – 2021
Parma Violets, Star Anise, Magic Mushrooms, Matcha, Dried Rose Petals, Oolong Tea, Irone-V, Precious Woods, Iris Beurre, Myrrh, Disco Fog, Tonka, Sandalwood Powder, Keemun Tea.

Magdalene – 2021
NOTES: Rose Otto from France, Spikenard from Nepal, Myrrh, Cistus, Opoponax, Copaiba, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Oud, Olibanum, Copal.

Behind the Curtain – 2014
98% Natural
NOTES: Black Currant, Chaste Tree berry, Raspberry, Elder Flower, Honeysuckle, Tropical Woods, Cassie, Peony, Leather, Lychee, White Amber, Ylang Ylang, Powder, White Musk, Vanilla, Orris Root, Oud, Patchouli.

Daft Love – 2014
99% Natural
TOP NOTES: White Ginger, Baby Powder, Broom, Carnation, Rose, Powder Pouf, Cedar, Clove, Hay, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Heliotrope, White Musk, Sandalwood, Tobacco.

Oh, My Stars! – 2014
98.8% Natural
TOP NOTES: Iris, Davana, Mimosa, Cannabis, Shiso, Geranium, Vintage patchouli, Rose, Amber, Oud, Jasmine, Lily, Ambrette Musk, Tobacco, Orris Root, Labdanum, East Indian Sandalwood.

Bittersweet Symphony – 2015
99.8% Natural
NOTES: Teas, Bittersweet Dutch Process Cocoa, Spices, Bitter Chocolate Accord, Bourbonesque Charred Woods, Amber, Oud.

Siren for Emily Haines – 2017 - OUT OF PRODUCTION
99% Natural
NOTES: Siren is composed of a Base of Amber, Moroccan Rose and East Indian Sandalwood with Saffron, Narcissus and Gandhi Root top notes.

Official Twin Peaks Fragrance Collection "Wonderful & Strange Liquid Music Trio" - OUT OF PRODUCTION

Future's Past – 2017
99% Natural
Enter the enchanted forest at it's darkest - and brightest. Sandarac, tamarack and balsam set a deep and haunting baseline as a minor chord of Snoqualmie Forest evergreens (Douglas Fir in chief proportions) beckon and owl feathers flutter above the damp earth. Very dark green perfume can stain light clothing - use care when applying.

The Red Room – 2017
Precious Woods
100% Natural
Deep and haunting - a powerful chord of western red cedar heartwood with melodic overtures of black currant over a baseline of leather, copaiba and incense. Yes, this is a naturally red perfume that will stain light clothing – use care when applying.

World of Blue – 2017
99% Natural
Base notes of oud and natural heliotropin (both forbidden and rare) provide structure for the minor chord of coumarinic deerstongue, blue lotus and elder. A cloud of powdery iris beurre imparts a melancholy dreaminess.

Fitnessence – 2015
99% Natural
NOTES: Bay, Basil, Nutmeg, Shiso, Clove, Galbanum, Coriander, Khella, Atlas cedar, Blend of Five Peppers, Cypress, Turmeric, Coffee, Linaloe Berry, Texas Cedar, Spruce, Narcissus, Barberry, Green Tea, Saw Palmetto, Goldenrod, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Ginger, Myrrh, Opoponax, Amber, Eagles Wood, Carrot Seed, Yohimbe, Guarana, Ginkgo Blend.

Khephera – 2018
99.3 Natural
NOTES: Space Queen Terpenes, Black Coffee, Sand Ginger, Coffin Wood, Cannabis Sativa, Benzoin, Papyrus, Royal Incense Blend Buried Underground For 28 Days, Desert Musk, Africa Stone, Balsam Gurjun, Rose, Funerary Spices.

AmberChris – 2018
In loving memory of Chris Georgio - “Mr. Sillage”

Matriarch – 2009

Alpha – 2009
Resinous Fougere
100% Natural

Carmine – 2010
Animalic/Herbal Floral
100% Natural

Destiny – 2010
White Floral/Chypre
100% Natural & Vegan

oM – 2011
100% Natural

EnTendre – 2012
Enigmatic Floral
100% Natural

Francesca – 2012
100% Natural

Lucid – 2012
100% Natural

Bohemian Black – 2013
100% Natural & Vegan
Enigmatic Amber

Mixed Media – at least 98% natural

Gateways – 2013
NOTES: Texas Chocolate, Amber, Mitti Attar, Tobacco, Tuberose, Ambreine, Muhuhu, Haitian Vetiver, Boutique Hawaiian Vanilla.

Immortal – 2013
NOTES: African Sandarac, Oud, Mosses, Orris Root, Violets, Galbanum, Chaste Tree Berry, Tahitian Tiare Flower, Calendula Syrup, Italian Honeysuckle, Cork, Fir Balsam, Chrysanthemum, Pinewood.

Midnight – 2013
Enigmatic Floral
NOTES: Intense Oud, Ambrette, Narcissus, Corn Flower, Exotic Jasmines, Madagascan Coffee Flower, Tuberose, Sweet Clover.

Password – 2013
White Floral
NOTES: Magnolia, Mahogany Flower, Italian Honeysuckle, Tiare, Iris, Strawberry Leaf, Musk, Vintage Guaiac Wood, Antique French Broom, Mysore Sandal, Cassie.

Unveiled – 2013
NOTES: Citrus Leaves, Orange Blossom, Lime Blossom, Neroli, Cucumber, Mimosa, Galbanum, Spices, Conifers, Amber, Oud.

Body Language – 2011
100% Natural

Baby Angels – 2012
100% Natural
Baby Roses: Organic Rose Petals & Herbs d'Provence in our Organic Hawaiian Vanilla Tincture.
Baby Musk: Organic Vetiver & Wild Crafted Sandalwood in our Organic Hawaiian Vanilla Tincture.
Happy Baby: Organic Neroli, a hint of Osmanthus & Myrrh in our Organic Hawaiian Vanilla Tincture.

Pristine – 2014
97% Natural

she – 2018
98.6% Natural
NOTES: Lemon Blossom Accord (1970’s Vintage Zanzibari Lemongrass and Natural White Floral Melange), Vanilla Sugar, Beeswax, Black Copal, Guaiac, Bergamot Lemon Verbena, Smoked Teas, Broom, Agarwood, Tolu Balsam, Lactones, Ambrette.

Nouveaunille – 2018
97% Natural
NOTES: Trio of Vanilla Absolutes: Hawaiian, Madagascan & Tahitian, Precious Woods: Oud, Sandalwood, Guaiac, Caramel,Cornucopia of Cruelty Free Musks, Myrrh, Fenugreek. 

L'Arrivée – 2011
100% Natural
White Floral/Jasmine
NOTES: African Sandalwood, South African Gia , Greenheartwood from Kenya, Jasmine from India, Vetiver from Haiti, Egyptian Marigold, Neroli from the Comoros, Egyptian Frankincense.



99% Natural and Vegan
NOTES: Anise, Red & Green Apples, Caramel, Vanilla, Molasses, Hookah Tobacco.

99.5% Natural and Vegan
NOTES: Hot Cocoa, Whipped Cream, Extreme Spice Blend, Crimson Clover, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, a trace of Assam Oud, Cruelty Free Musk.