DEVOTION Natural Incense Perfume


The ultimate incense perfume: massive and timeless. Revered across cultures. The primaeval depths are almost inexplicable and volumes have been written praising this classic arrangement of two key notes: frankincense and myrrh. Resinous, dry and cold with alternating warm and spicy nuances, it’s an entire universe encapsulated in each waft of scented breeze.  The frankincense, from Oman.  The myrrh, Somalia.

5 out of 5 DonnaDiana Review: "Ritual -that’s what the Devotion scent makes me think of. I have purchased other perfumes with frankincense, but it just smells cheap. There is something about Devotion’s use of frankincense and myrrh that when I wear it, I feel like I am vibrating at a whole other level. This is a very special perfume!" 
5 out of 5 Pyrone Review: "Loved because of the frankincense and myrrh, which were genuine and I can say that with confidence, because I use the real resins for aromatherapy. This fragrance reminds me of the Arabian knights. Or some far off place of intrigue and pure romance."