WitchMusk - NEW - Spicy Gourmand Fragrance

WitchMusk is a bottled spell that declares

"Sorry Mr - not in this lifetime."
vanilla, spicy musk, broom, patchouli powder,
sabinene, ambery woods
93% organic - 98% botanical - 99% natural
unisex - cruelty free - vegan - halal 

*100% of sales support the freedom to use natural ingredients in perfume-making and the dissolution of the patriarchal fragrance monopolies.


Perfume is a "spirit" so it contains the energies of everyone involved in it's making.  Select your fragrances mindfully.  
House of Matriarch is a Seattle, WA based, woman-owned and operated house of healing and higher purpose - not a "fragrance brand."  Mother Nature is our manufacturer and our Perfumer, Christi Meshell weaves her fragrant layers to create the most magical fragrances in the world.  A bloodline rooted in plant magic informs her intuitive, wholly self-taught creative process. Her mother an herbalist, her grandmother a florist, her great grandmother a master gardener and Native American princess. Countless generations of medicine women who came before them return now as our Creatrix to offer you WitchMusk.