NEW RELEASES High Perfumery Discovery Set

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Next level fragrance releases - experience five new High Perfumery compositions in travel-friendly 3.3ml sprayers. 

Primitive woods, sappy balsams, rich resins, smoothing gourmand notes, several layered labdanum fractions including hydrocarboresin, a melange of exotic spices, and even a rare fossilized amber from millions of years ago, specially distilled for it's high phenol content and resonant depth.

PEARL SNAPS is the essence of everything a cowboy holds dear. Rugged leather, spicy tobacco, rare high desert botanicals and cruelty free animalics enliven a heart of vintage organic Texas cedarwood. The pyramid graphic shows the unfoldment of notes that enchant during the extended dry down.

Unequaled in her embodiment of femininity, natural Arabian Jasmine (sambac) has been prized for centuries as a devotional anointment, aphrodisiac, antidepressant and mnemonic anchor for hypnosis and magic. It’s not surprising to learn that this pink oil is loaded with pheromones - many people experience full-on euphoria under her effects.

Dedicated to your pleasure, Nature's crowning glory unfurls with heady blossoms, green leaves and woody branches. Sweet, spicy, earthy, and transformative as any magnum opus of high perfumery must be, precious natural roses are presented from top to bottom for a sensation you can feel in your entire body. Zero synthetic rose notes, geranium or "rose-like" essences. Surprisingly unisex.

Drums. Fire. Ceremony. Divine Union. Follow your nose into the dark forest where a cornucopia of flora and fauna enchant your consciousness to inspire creativity and healing.