Gourmand High Perfumery Discovery Set: Delicious Natural Fragrances

The Highest Art of Natural Perfume Making: Gourmand High Perfumery Discovery Set 

3.3ml sprayers of: Beautywood, Coco Blanc, The Longing, WitchMusk & Tetramorph.

The companion fragrance to our beloved High Beauty Oil, BEAUTYWOOD is a woody gourmand perfume of universal appeal.  

Noble sandalwood, exotic vanilla, warm balsams, aged rosewood, benzoin and a wisp of oud - imprinted by the sacred geometry and sweet aroma of Christi's storm-strewn cedar flower tincture.  

Such beauty, tenacity and creaminess can only be found in the presence of authentic, natural sandalwood.  Accept no substitute!

For fragrance connoisseurs, Coco Blanc is the “gourmand gold standard” – a fragrance savored and adored all around the world for it's universal beauty.  You will fall in love with this 100% natural perfume’s yummy gourmand notes, soft noble woods, warm chai spices and exotic massoia.

Not overly sweet like the usual "cotton candy" gourmand fragrances, Coco Blanc is exceptionally long-lasting on the skin and perfectly unisex in the dry down, finishing with buttery, natural ambrette and spicy Maui grown Hawaiian vanilla. You will want a bottle to enjoy now and one to save - this perfume grows more and more beautiful with time.

Top Notes  Plum, Jasmine, Butter, Agarwood, Boronia
Heart Notes  Vanilla Orchid, Orange Blossom, Honey, Osmanthus
Base Notes  Leather, Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Ambrette Musk

vanilla, spicy musk, broom, patchouli powder,
sabinene, ambery woods

Exceptionally rare and precious natural essences merge the four cardinal fragrance families into a singular, numinous perfume experience. 

Ethereal muskiness holds you in its tender grasp as heavenly floral, fresh green and dazzling animalic accords unfurl in polarity, revealing their elemental magic.