EPIPHANY - Chypre Artisan Fine Fragrance

FRAGRANCE FAMILY:  Lavender Chypre / Floral 

NOTES:  Organic lavender grown and distilled in Washington (Hidcote pink EO & blue and white lavender concretes) champaca, tobacco, amber, lily enfleurage, pepper, honey, coriander, sandalwood, oakmoss.  The oud provides structure, yet remains subtle.


"Gorgeous!!! Forget everything you know about lavender from mainstream scents or even real botanical essences, and just try this. It is guaranteed to blow you away. (*From someone who until now felt "meh" about lavender)  Enter light parting clouds and shining on this scent, you might say this was my 'Epiphany' moment of lavender. Gardenia Girl, Fragrantica

"Lord, how I love Epiphany! That lavender is to die for, and in combination with Christi’s Mysore sandalwood [my Golden standard] and the ouds, it is non pareil. Epiphany is brash and brilliantly triumphant at the get-go, only to linger more tenderly with the passage of time; the oud blend retains its fervor and plays darkly savory to the herbal/floral sweet, like a well-balanced recipe. There is plenty of mystery to be experienced here." Ida Meister, Fragrantica

"Guys (and ladies) this is the Best Lavender Ever! Smokey, some pepper, dirty lavender (at start), bit sweet too. Some tobacco pepper and bit honey, blended with light silky aoud. Lavender smoke. Just wow combination.  At the end of 7 hours is lighter version of original, less smoke allows more this great lavender show with some faint honey.  Immediately made my top 5 favorite list!"  Aries Man, Fragrantica


We believe in magic. That magic is real, transformational and transportive. Like perfume, another alchemical journey, magic takes a person from one plane to another, from one portal to a new, and perhaps undiscovered realm. Matriarch is part of that magic, a portal, so in our layering, we’re building in magical code. We’re not pushing it, but we’re walking it, as a story behind the story. We believe that everyone is looking for more magic in their lives.


One such code, takes its architecture from the astrological charting of a particular date and time. We see this implemented in the design as a unique symbol for each fragrance that if understood by the user can inform them of the astral alignments on the day each fragrance was conceived. Read more about beauty marks on this page.