DESTRIER "The War Horse" luxury unisex fragrance.  Natural notes of hay, clover, sweetgrass, smoky woods, valerian, leather, stables and bravery.  This perfume features two beautiful new House of Matriarch proprietary accords: Drawbridge Wood and Scentaur and a tincture of horse tail from the combings of happy horses in North Bend, WA.  

The first 24 50ml bottles sold are adorned with handmade copper horseshoe charm. 

Created with and for Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Wiegand, Destrier will launch in March, 2017. The HBO Series Game of Thrones has served as inspiration for this very special fragrance


We believe in magic. That magic is real, transformational and transportive. Like perfume, another alchemical journey, magic takes a person from one plane to another, from one portal to a new, and perhaps undiscovered realm. Matriarch is part of that magic, a portal, so in our layering, we’re building in magical code. We’re not pushing it, but we’re walking it, as a story behind the story. We believe that everyone is looking for more magic in their lives.

One such code, takes its architecture from the astrological charting of a particular date and time. We see this implemented in the design as a unique symbol for each fragrance that if understood by the user can inform them of the astral alignments on the day each fragrance was conceived.