SUMMER High Perfumery Discovery Set - Trending Fragrances

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Top 5 Summer fragrances in the perfect 3.3 ml size. 

The "tropical get-away" ambiance is the result of a blend of 129 individually layered fruits, flowers, spices, tinctures and Christi's special "beach musk".  Accents of lilikoi, plai, kava and sesame add naturalness and primal depth.   

A liquid mantra of unmatched frequency and purity from a higher dimension where fragrance is enchanted and the magical properties of the natural violet are fully expressed.

A citrus fragrance that will never spoil! Ordinary citrus oils turn a perfume rancid within a few years due to oxidation, so Christi designed her lemon blossom accord from noble notes of verbena, melissa, vintage lemongrass and natural ionones distilled from lemongrass.  These materials mature magnificently in the bottle in consort with the natural grape spirits and the freshest parts of the lemon bouquet are preserved therein.

Each part of this beautiful flower is captured herein. The complete dry down takes place over 12 glorious hours, just as the fragrance of a day lily changes throughout it's one-day long life.   

A soft erogenous base of Hawaiian vanilla and Royal Hawaiian sandalwood invoke an amber effect in the dry down.  Rare South African gaia adds a honeyed note and the drama of her secret spice to complete the experience.