WOO - 100% Natural Tobacco Unisex Fragrance

Fragrance Family:  Floriental, Tobacco (100% Natural)
A warm and seductive tropical vibe, yet without any coconut or sharp marine notes, Woo highlights the most erotic aromas known to mankind - genuine tropical flowers, ocean breezes, tobacco, leather, vanilla and bona-fide ambergris. These tender favorites come together in a new and unforgettable way to form a perfectly unisex perfume that, due to limited production has remained our best kept secret.
The perfect "honeymoon" scent.  Quiet yet tenacious, this is a fragrance that stays on your mind, wooing you towards exotic escapes and irresistible pleasure. 

REVIEW:  "There is a general sultriness around the Woo's wearer, it seems to detect exotic ylang-ylang and the aroma smells extremely erotic and tropical. The note of tobacco becomes more and more enveloping and shadowy along the time as perfectly linked with the note of leather which, yet present, is initially a bit veiled by the floral intensity while finally seems exalted by the tobacco exotic warmth."  Darvant from Italy on Basenotes.