ORCA - 100% Natural Ambergris Fragrance - Vintage 2015

Fragrance Family: Oriental / Ambergris

ORCA began over a century ago.  Natural grey ambergris - washed onto a New Zealand shore in the late 1800's - discovered by a shrewd beachcomber and passed from generation to generation.  Here you will find the timeless magic of the Ocean - sparkling, exotic and effervescent. 

Exalting notes construct a pedestal upon which this rare vintage ambergris is exalted. Resins lend an exotic oriental accord and regal coolness to the amber accord.  Natural honey adds a liquid gold note, enhancing the spicy and leathery qualities that the natural ambergris offers. 

Dancing between a fresh cleanness and the salty patina of ocean-kissed skin, this fragrance is an intimate experience, washing you with nuanced waves. Subtle by design.  

Rarely discounted, ORCA improves in the bottle with time.  Now decanting the 2015 Vintage, which boasts the bona-fide 1800's vintage ambergris mentioned above.   

WATCH AN INDEPENDENT VLOG REVIEW HERE or scroll down to see verified  customer reviews of Orca.  

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