she - Vintage Zanzibari lemongrass and Malaysian Oud Unisex Fragrance

Inspired by Kristin West
Original art "Lemonoude" by Kristin West
depicting Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter



  she features precious 1970's vintage organic lemongrass from Zanzibar coupled with rare Malaysian oud.
Sparkling fresh lemon twinkles during the entire dry-down - a miracle made possible by the absence of citrus oils in the formulation.  Ordinary citrus oils turn rancid within a few years due to oxidation, so our Perfumer Christi Meshell designed a noble accord of verbena, melissa, vintage lemongrass and natural ionones (distilled from lemongrass) to mature magnificently in the bottle over the years to come.  Cruelty free, but not vegan.  
Finally - a citrus fragrance that will never spoil. This noble quality is shared by all House of Matriarch perfumes - a benefit of the natural grape spirits that comprise the base of our perfumes. 
"she was born from friendship, passion, and the ardent necessity to create. This entire process was wonderful, it grew from a desire to see more fragrances with almost startlingly different notes come together in one harmonious experience. An androgynous creation that was also made to celebrate powerful femininity. As Christi created the perfume I created the companion pieces- Visual works of art that are representative to the olfactive art she was making. It was wonderful, and inspiring to work alongside another artist on this unique experience that is she." - Kristin West
For women, men and everyone in between. she is a perfume for adepts of natural perfumery, initiates of magical aromatherapy (lemongrass and oud are mildly narcotic/psychoactive and foster connection with The Divine) and collectors of vintage perfumes. 


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