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A posthumous collaboration, AmberChris began to be channelled by our Perfumer Christi Meshell the moment she said "yes" to Joshua Thibodeaux's request to create a fragrance that Chris Georgio could be remembered by.  

It was a solemn Saturday morning as word of Chris's passing reached the fragrance community. Christi was not aware that one of Chris's dreams was to create a fragrance with her - otherwise she may have already been working on it with him!  When Joshua shared this with her, she knew it was not too late to make Chris's dream come true. The fragrance was finished less than two hours later. 

Chris's spirit was present as the perfume was composed - he gave Christi the name of the fragrance and requested house music, so the album Back to Mine by Danny Tenaglia was selected and played during the composition. Chris seemed to be communicating some his life experiences (both the highs and the lows) through the music and lyrics. The resulting fragrance was an amber of epic proportions - totally unlike any scent ever created by House of Matriarch.

AmberChris is a gift to the worldwide fragrance family from House of Matriarch, and we were deeply honored that we were asked to create it.  Joshua Thibodeaux and Nir Guy coordinated the sale and delivery of the fragrance to Chris's inner circle.  100% of the sales were donated to Chris Georgio's estate.  

"AmberChris perfectly personifies who Chris was to so many.  As Chris once said, “the sense of smell is the strongest sense linked to memory and fragrances can transport you to an amazing time where you experienced something while wearing that fragrance, almost like time traveling.” So to be a constant reminder of who he was, who he is, and who he will remain to be, I humbly present to you AmberChrisIn a world full of ambroxan, be AmberChris. And as always, and most importantly, go frag yourself."  Joshua Thibodeaux