NEW RELEASES High Perfumery Discovery Set

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Next level fragrance releases - experience five new High Perfumery compositions in travel-friendly 3.3ml sprayers. 

Dedicated to your pleasure, Nature's crowning glory unfurls with heady blossoms, green leaves and woody branches. Sweet, spicy, earthy, and transformative as any magnum opus of high perfumery must be, precious natural roses are presented from top to bottom for a sensation you can feel in your entire body. Zero synthetic rose notes, geranium or "rose-like" essences. Surprisingly unisex.

Ex Votos is a beeswax soliflore perfume in a bouquet of rare and precious supporting essences which evokes the sacrificial candles which have been offered prayerfully for generations. Their beautiful aroma and natural glow create an ambiance which can only be described as HOLY. 

Drums. Fire. Ceremony. Divine Union. Follow your nose into the dark forest where a cornucopia of flora and fauna enchant your consciousness to inspire creativity and healing. 

Most who walk the wooded path pay no attention to the small stand of burled Madrona trees, however you stop to cherish them. Caressing the texture of the bark releases a beautiful perfume and you are enraptured by the aroma.

KiKi is a fantasy fragrance for lovers of mirrored disco balls, house parties with friends and all things ultraviolet.