Gourmand High Perfumery Discovery Set: Delicious Natural Fragrances

The Highest Art of Natural Perfume Making: Gourmand High Perfumery Discovery Set 
Enliven your senses with 6 fragrances in the perfect 3.3 ml size.

3.3ml sprayers of: Coco Blanc, Bittersweet Symphony, The Longing, WitchMusk, Toukka Ta Tao & Tetramorph.


For fragrance connoisseurs, Coco Blanc is the “gourmand gold standard” – a fragrance savored and adored all around the world for it's universal beauty.  You will fall in love with this 100% natural perfume’s yummy gourmand notes.

A chorus of blended teas, bittersweet Dutch process cocoa,espresso and alluring spices invite the sharp tones to linger, and they lend a very special magic to the bitter chocolate accord.  Bourbonesque charred woods, hints of warm amber and a touch of oud create a velvety, harmonic drydown that takes a full five hours to develop on the skin and lasts overnight.  

Share in the delight of The Longing - a bespoke fragrance created for pillar of the fragrance community, Joseph Sagona. The Longing is an ultra-gourmand unisex fragrance with oriental undertones and a velvety amber finish. 


It's the season.  Vanilla, spicy musk, broom, patchouli powder, sabinene, and ambery woods bring in the harvest.  


The "tropical get-away" ambiance is the result of a blend of 129 individually layered fruits, flowers, spices, tinctures and Christi's special "beach musk" accented by notes of lilikoi, plai, kava and sesame.

Ethereal muskiness holds you in its tender grasp as heavenly floral, fresh green and dazzling animalic accords unfurl in polarity, revealing their elemental magic. 

Review from Luca Turin: "If HoM is anything to go by, niche perfumery is growing up fast, both in presentation and in content. Beautiful blue bottles with coppery labels; a distinctive look, half steampunk and half Islamic-abstract; consistently good, properly worked-out perfumes with apt but not hyperbolic names; and an overall cast of high quality and good humor. 

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