NEW RELEASES High Perfumery Discovery Set

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Next level fragrance releases - experience five new High Perfumery compositions in travel-friendly 3.3ml sprayers. 

These sprayers are the perfect size for travel and sharing. High quality misters deliver a "full bottle" style veil for ample coverage with just one spray.

Bursting conifers and a sacred the tea ceremony harmonize a fresh beginning to an ancient wood base. Your most primitive pleasure centers are activated with touchpoints of spice and incense. 

Companion fragrance to High Beauty Oil - discover the magic of authentic sandalwood. 

A liquid mantra of unmatched frequency and purity from a higher dimension where fragrance is enchanted and the magical properties of the natural violet are fully expressed.

While the outer portion of the cured vanilla pod exudes a woody, spicy scent, the tiny seeds inside the pod contain the creamy, buttery and musky aspects of vanilla.  The separated seeds are known in the Spice Trade as "vanilla caviar." To amplify the buttery decadence of the pure vanilla caviar tincture, Christi layered in companion tones of exotic natural plumeria concrete, as well as ambrette and sesame seeds.

Among the rarest of essences - costus root oil possesses the aroma of fine wool. Though it has been employed in the composition of the finest amber perfumes, costus is rarely used in modern perfumery due to it's scarcity and high price.  A tincture of raw Icelandic black fleece (humanely sheared from the lovely Penelope) in grape spirits alchemizes the costus with notes of white pepper, clover, cistus, copal and barley which tame the unusual earthiness of the costus and reveal it's underlying spice.


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