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Posted on March 19, 2018 by Matriarch Blog


"...The lemon blossom accord with oud is an unexpected and truly lovely combination. I would have been happy enough with just that. But about an hour in, the magic really begins. The vanilla, which is particularly heady and ethereal, is joined by the rising smoky aroma of lapsang souchong, a smoked tea.

People who are familiar with House of Matriarch will not be surprised that there is some smoldering, balsamic incense in the mix as well, but it is really restrained. The distinctive smoky, tarry aspects of lapsang souchong really shine through. The rich darkness of the tea, against the lightness of the lemon blossom and vanilla, is just sublime. This is exactly what I hoped the fragrance would smell like. More of that art + magic.

This smoked tea and lemon blossom nirvana lasts for about three hours. The florals have faded a bit, but the essence of the lemongrass is still present. Some lactones along with the vanilla invoke a feeling of sweet cream. The fragrance becomes very grounding and soothing, like a perfect cup of tea with milk. The lemongrass keeps it from becoming too heavy. The oud adds to its contemplative nature. I have to admit, I’m smitten.

After four hours, the lemongrass and lemon blossom are gone. The cozy lapsang souchong and sweet vanilla milk persists for two more hours, over a heart of oud. At the six hour mark, oud is still detectable but I’m craving the drydown and have to reapply..."


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