Magdalene Vintage 2022 Review

Posted on January 11, 2023 by Matriarch Blog

" Yet another breathtaking vessel added to my collection 🥀
The virgin wh_re/Magdalene: the gorgeous & unmistakable perfume birthed from @fkatwigs and @houseofmatriarch - back in 2020, when twigs released the first edition of Magdalene I knew without a doubt I had to get my hands on it, and I’m so lucky that I did because it was love at first spray. Now, with the second release, I spent no time hesitating on purchasing my second bottle. This scent is unforgettable.
Follow me as I attempt to envelop you in the scent… It opens up very strong, and stays that way too. The sillage is head turning.. Upon first spray, it’s an explosion of spikenard, it’s woody, spicy, and a touch earthy. It’ll engulf you, but don’t let it overwhelm you. When it starts to linger, you’re kissed with delicate roses, this part for me is the soul of the perfume..where I feel the most in touch with it.
When it begins to wear down, you’re left with a captivating and magnetic scent of gently lit incense, feeling you’ve just left a grandeur church. It’s quite literally nothing like I’ve ever smelt before.
This perfume is not for the faint of heart, it’s incredibly powerful and will last on you for hours, even days. This scent grew on me, as in, I fell more in love with it with every spray. Every spritz felt like a ritual. Magdalene is incredibly healing to me. From receiving to wearing it, a spiritual experience."
- @feedtheritual
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