AMANITA: New High Pefumery Release

Posted on November 23, 2022 by Matriarch Blog


Drums. Fire. Ceremony. Divine Union.

Amanita muscaria mushrooms have held a central role in every ancient culture of the world, yet today we are told “don’t touch - it’s poison!” Why? Maybe because the modern class of benzodiazepine drugs are incomplete imitations of the sacred fruit and their makers are hoping to keep that under wraps.

Xanax, Valium and other "benzos" seem to be a godsend at first but they are addictive and at times deadly. Millions remain in the grip of these drugs as big pharma rakes in profits. This is the definition of black magic: such is the inversion, the fruit labelled as "poison" is actually the cure. You see, the sacred amanita (properly prepared) is divine in it's chemistry, works with one dose and has no rebound effects.

Returning Mother Nature to her rightful, healing function in our lives through the power of High Perfumery is the purpose of House of Matriarch. AMANITA is the antidote to corporations, patents and mad scientists. Follow your nose into the enchanted forest, where a cornucopia of flora and fauna enchant your senses, invoking creativity, healing and recovery. 


* AMANITA is a perfume - do not ingest. The views expressed here are the opinions of our Perfumer Christi Meshell and do not constitute medical advice. If you are suffering, seek the help of a qualified medical provider without delay. Do not stop taking benzodiazepines "cold turkey" as death could result. 
* Do your own research - we did! Amanita mushrooms are legal to collect, possess and consume everywhere. They are NOT regulated like the psilocybin family of mushrooms, which have a different chemistry.

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