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Wondrous Woods Collector's Set


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16ml each of Burlwood, Beautywood, Eaglewood, Madrona and Sex Magic.

Aromatic sunshine and the scent of creative potential in equal harmony with the grounding notes of noble woods and natural ornaments of the surrounding forest.  The epitome of luxury - yours to cherish!

Companion fragrance to High Beauty Oil - discover the magic of authentic sandalwood. 

"The real deal."  A royal bouquet of sustainable and vintage oud essences from around the world. A spray or dab alone is exquisite and transportive. No artificial oud whatsoever - all varieties are 100% natural and sustainable. 

A fragrance born of the Northwest. Dream-inducing lavender fields mingle with towering cedar trees swaying gently in the misted Pacific breeze. An underlying sense of exploration, imbued through a smooth vetiver base note, keeps this ancient NW spirit youthful and exotic.

Thirteen varieties of cedar, exotic sandalwood, and a touch of oud. Unquestionably vivid and sonorous, these woods sing with the ancient resonant voice of the aboriginal didgeridoo.