Official Twin Peaks Fragrance Collection "Wonderful & Strange Liquid Music Trio"

Under license by CBS Consumer Product and Twin Peaks Productions, House of Matriarch presents a wonderful and strange liquid music trio. 

25 years have passed since Laura Palmer, the troubled coquette employed at the perfume counter of Horne's Department Store in David Lynch's Twin Peaks, made her impression on our minds and hearts.  Since, the echoes of the haunting chords of the famous soundtrack have kept her memory and the mysteries surrounding her death brewing in the collective consciousness. 


Future's Past
Enter the enchanted forest at it's darkest - and brightest.  Sandarac, tamarack and balsam set a deep and haunting baseline as a minor chord of Snoqualmie Forest evergreens (Douglas Fir in chief proportions) beckon and owl feathers flutter above the damp earth. Very dark green perfume can stain light clothing - use care when applying.
99% Natural
The Red Room 
Deep and haunting - a powerful chord of western red cedar heartwood with melodic overtures of black currant over a baseline of leather, copaiba and incense.  Yes, this is a naturally red perfume that will stain light clothing- use care when applying.
100% Natural
World of Blue
Base notes of oud and natural heliotropin (both forbidden and rare) provide structure for the minor chord of coumarinic deerstongue, blue lotus and elder.  A cloud of powdery iris beurre imparts a melancholy dreaminess.
99% Natural

100 Trio Sets, Signed and Numbered with Collector's Presentation
100 Individual Vials of Each Perfume with Collector's Presentation
2 Unnumbered Trio Sets being Gifted to David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti
Full presentation only - no samples will be sold.
13% of the proceeds from the sale of the Wonderful & Strange Trio will be donated to the David Lynch Foundation for consciousness based education and world peace.




 Under license by CBS Consumer Product and Twin Peaks Productions.