Twin Flame - New Niche Fragrance Featuring Organic Roman Chamomile - House of Matriarch High Perfumery
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TWIN FLAME - Chamomile & Rose Quartz Perfume


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An enlightened arrangement of double-blooming Roman chamomile and earthy ambrette seed absolute, alchemized in rose-quartz spirits. This is High Perfumery - the balance of opposing notes within a single harmonious accord that carries from top to bottom. The secret is found (as always) in the heart - where a bouquet of 13 natural floral notes provide the pedestal upon which chamomile reigns supreme. 

House of Matriarch is known for our top-down design style of "masculine floral" fragrances, and TWIN FLAME is no exception.  Here you find chamomile in it's full expression.  The curative and restorative effects are immediately apparent to the wearer. 

Reveal. Dissolve. Reflect. Repeat. This is the journey of TWIN FLAME.