Toukka Ta Tao - A Tropical Paradise Perfume - House of Matriarch High Perfumery
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TOUKKA TA TAO - Tropical / Gourmand Unisex Fragrance


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Enticing aromas of exotic fruits, narcotic flowers and sandy beaches, inspired by Timmy Vangtan and Ko Tao, (Turtle Island) in Thailand, famous for it's surrounding coral reef.  

The "tropical get-away" ambiance is the result of a blend of 129 individually layered fruits, flowers, spices, tinctures and Christi's special "beach musk".  Accents of lilikoi, plai, kava and sesame add naturalness and primal depth.   

In reverence to the matriarch that is Mother Ocean, and to honor the beautiful reef of Ko Tao, House of Matriarch made a donation from sales of Toukka Ta Tao to the Coral Reef Alliance