The Longing - ENCORE EDITION -

ENCORE EDITION of the bespoke fragrance created for pillar of the fragrance community, Joseph Sagona. The Longing is an ultra-gourmand unisex fragrance with oriental undertones and a velvety amber finish. 

Top Notes: Plum, Jasmine, Butter, Agarwood, Boronia
Heart Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Honey, Osmanthus
Base Notes: Leather, Amber, Vanilla, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Ambrette Musk






A spiritual chant I hear echoing in the distance
a mystical rhythm that pulsates through
every fiber of my existence
a sensual dance of an erotic essence
Flowers of the divine soothe the darkest of souls
fruits picked from the fragile shrub
as pure sweetness unfolds
an everlasting beauty that longs to behold
A tussle of sweet honey slides down your wet lips
dewy skin is a temptation I cannot resist
a balmy musky climax of love
tenderness and butterfly kisses
A longing for your aroma and fragile touch
is a blessing of pure heavenly lust
a warm purple hue that blossoms through
in my vivid dreams of you
Joseph Sagona, 2016