Fragrance Infused Leather Bracelets

Perfumed leathers recall the earliest days of perfumery, providing the most effective way of prolonging fragrance known to man.  Nuances remain indefinitely and the scent can be recharged, layered and built upon. We're taking this ancient practice to the highest level by using our very finest natural perfumes to scent our leather wrap bracelets.

Each leather is saturated in the Matriarch fragrance of your choice for months of indulgent luxury.

Dark chocolate/espresso brown with bronze fitting is the style for 2017. One size fits all - fully adjustable wraps 4-6 times depending on wrist size.  39" long.


"I received yesterday the Perfumed Leather, the aroma is intoxicating - Sacre Tabac - just amazing , I have no words to describe how I love this."  Yosef, Israel

"I feel complete.  Where has this bracelet been all of my life? I feel like a part of my self has been returned.  I feel SO GOOD! Thank you."  Nikki, NYC