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ORCA - 100% Natural Ambergris High Perfumery - Vintage 2015


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ORCA began over a century ago when a chunk of natural grey ambergris washed onto a New Zealand shore and was discovered by a shrewd beachcomber.  Here you will find the timeless magic of the Ocean - sparkling, exotic and effervescent.  

Exalting notes construct a pedestal upon which this rare vintage ambergris is featured. Resins lend an exotic warmth and regal coolness to the amber accord.  Natural honey adds a liquid gold note, enhancing the spicy and leathery qualities offered by the the natural ambergris.

Dancing between a fresh cleanness and the salty patina of ocean-kissed skin, this fragrance is an intimate experience, washing you with nuanced waves. Subtle by design.  Animalic and erogenous, yet cruelty free.

ORCA improves in the bottle like a fine wine since organic grape spirits comprise the base of the perfume. Now decanting the 2015 Vintage, which boasts the bona-fide 1800's vintage ambergris mentioned above.