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L'ARRIVÉE - 100% Natural White Floral (Jasmine) Perfume

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A "masculine floral" jasmine with the trueness of natural jasmine apparent at first spray.  Soft mimosa harmonizes with sunny marigold, bergamot and twinkling magnolia.  In the heart, multiple varieties of natural jasmine including two boutique distillations dance with wisps of exotic tiare, broom, Omani frankincense, neroli and rosewood - notes which add to the interest of the jasmine bouquet but never detract from the soliflore nature of the composition.

A soft erogenous base of Hawaiian vanilla and Royal Hawaiian sandalwood invoke an amber effect in the dry down.  Rare South African gia adds a honeyed note and the drama of her secret spice to complete the experience.

Not as indolic as one would expect due to the addition of Christi's proprietary civet replacement which balances the overall effect, and lends a suede like finish on the skin. 

If you are expecting the cloying hedione or sampaquita hit that mass produced fragrances listing jasmine as a "note" routinely deliver, you will be perplexed by the aroma, however if you have been initiated into the realm of genuine jasmine you will be enraptured by the allure of L'Arrivee.