L'Arrivée 100% Natural White Floral Perfume

The arrival of the most beautiful jasmine perfume in the world!  Released in 2017 as a Limited Edition small-batch fragrance for Lincoln Motor Company's Black Women in Hollywood event The Art of Arrival, L'Arrivée has been out of production since it's creation for Fragrance Journalist Felicia Hazzard in 2012.  Originally designed as a perfume d' coif (a fragrance for the hair) the fragrance features exotic natural essences throughout the top, middle and base of the intoxicating aroma.  

When our Perfumer Christi Meshell was asked by Lincoln Motor Company to create an ultra luxurious perfume as a very special gift for the guests of The Art of Arrival she knew immediately the perfume had already been created - it was in the name!  L'Arrivée makes her debut after five years - first with this limited production release for Lincoln Motor Company, and again in May, 2017 when L'Arrivée takes her place in our High Perfumery Collection.