FITNESSENCE Pre Workout Fragrance for Men & Women

It's in your nature.  FITNESSENCE works directly on your brain from the first spritz to create strength, stamina, balance, clarity, power, and overall well-being.  It's the world's first fitness optimizing fragrance for both men and women; and it's smells incredible!

The natural essences in FITNESSENCE have been proven to increase oxygen flow, benefit the circulatory system, activate beneficial hormonal chain reactions, increase stamina, improve reflexes, and even signal the brain to lubricate the joints. 

Great pre-workout, or any time you want to increase your energy or boost your mood. FITNESSENCE can be used to create a strong mnemonic anchor in the brain from the first use: it tells your body it's time to get moving; and this association grows stronger each time you smell the fragrance, so that the aroma itself becomes an additional motivator. 

Top: bay, basil, nutmeg, shiso, clove, galbanum, coriander, khella, atlas cedar, blend of five peppers

Heart: cypress, turmeric, coffee, linaloe berry, Texas cedar, spruce, narcissus, barberry, green tea, saw palmetto, goldenrod

Base: helichrysum, frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, myrrh, opoponax, amber, eagles wood, carrot seed, yohimbe, guarana, ginkgo blend