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FITNESSENCE High Fitness Pre-Workout Fragrance


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It's in your nature.
The original pre-workout fragrance formulated with high-impact natural essences proven to increase oxygen flow in the brain, benefit the circulatory system, activate beneficial hormonal chain reactions, increase stamina, improve reflexes, and even signal the brain to lubricate the joints. 
Unlike other pre-workout boosters like caffeine and "energy" drinks, FITNESSENCE works immediately and has no rebound effects. Enjoy a spritz just before your workout, or any time you want to increase your energy or elevate your mood. 
In addition to the immediate boost, the sesquiterpenes in FITNESSENCE create an anchor of motivation in the brain, an association that grows stronger each time you smell the fragrance.  
FITNESSENCE offers a refreshing and light unisex aroma that is pleasing to the nose and never overpowering. More than just a blend of essential oils, FITNESSENCE is a work of High Perfumery - a favorite of many customers for the fragrance alone.

Top: bay, basil, nutmeg, shiso, clove, galbanum, coriander, khella, atlas cedar, blend of five peppers
Heart: cypress, turmeric, coffee, linaloe berry, Texas cedar, spruce, narcissus, barberry, green tea, saw palmetto, goldenrod
Base: helichrysum, frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, myrrh, opoponax, amber, eagles wood, carrot seed, yohimbe, guarana, ginkgo blend.