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Bespoke High Perfumery Design - Custom Commissioned Fragrances


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The finest in bespoke High Perfumery and the ultimate in personal branding and couture style-making!  You can engage in the same creative process used to design our world famous High Perfumery creations as you work directly with our Perfumer to create your perfect scent.

Included in House of Matriarch's Bespoke Package is your initial consultation and in-depth interview with Master Perfumer Christi Meshell, drafting of the "brief", creation of three fragrance formulations in the 2ml size to try and two rounds of fine-tuning on your chosen favorite. Finished perfumes with full Collectors Presentation arrive the following season.  Yours to treasure will be:

  • Qty 1  100ml Atomizing Flacon
  • Qty 1   50ml Atomizing Flacon
  • Qty 2   16ml Atomizing Travel Vial 
  • Qty 1   30ml Decant for Travel Vial Refills
  • Qty 2   5ml Atomizers 

Your unique formulation will be archived for you to reorder in the future and will never be used for any other project, guaranteeing the distinctiveness of your personal fragrance forever. Choose 100% natural or mixed media for a more modern flair. 

*Not applicable towards private label formulations intended for corporate distribution or outside brands. Bespoke design is offered exclusively for individuals with a sole design contact.  Loyalty VIP Club Members: "Spritzes" are earned for bespoke perfume purchases, however no discount codes may be applied towards their purchase.