ALBATROSS Artisan Aquatic/Marine Perfume

Aquatic / Marine

Rare, magnificent and auspicious, the albatross bird is the captain of the air. The natural marine accord celebrates that spirit, the fresh coolness of where the ocean meets the sky. Salty Salish Sea breezes meet the soft warm notes of cork, driftwood and cottonwood evoking images of seafaring vessels, creosote-soaked timber, and barnacle covered hulls. Set your sights on the horizon, feel the wind in your sails. 

5 out of 5 Sanctuary Through Scent Review: "I'm calling this the north star of fragrance because it's the scent that all others are going to have to live up to! Albatross, like it's namesake is a commanding presence, it's manages to evoke both the sea and the forest, it's both strong and flexible. It opens beautifully throughout the day, a continuous experience and joy."
5 out of 5 NYC Review: "This fragrance really does smell like the coasts of the Pacific Northwest. It smells like where the cold Pacific meets fresh evergreen forests. This is a very original fragrance that will NOT remind you of the popular ocean-inspired aquatics of the 90's."