Epicurean - House of Matriarch High Perfumery


Because the palate is limited to just the few basic sensations of salty sweet, bitter, sour (and the recently discovered umami), aroma plays a key role in taste, filling in the missing blanks to create flavor.  As anyone who has lost their sense of smell will attest, the majority of a flavor experience comes from aroma and the interplay of the palate with the olfactory sense.

Matriarch leverages that sensory relationship to create unforgettable flavors for hospitality markets and independent brands.  Far beyond conventional flavors, our custom blends are bouquets of luxurious aroma that bloom in stages during the sweet or savory experience. 

Keep your customers returning again and again for that special something only you can provide.



Visit the Salish Lodge for their 25th anniversary and try their new cocktail "The Queen's Kiss" created with our tuberose cocktail mist.