PEARL SNAPS - Rugged New High Perfumery Release

PEARL SNAPS is the essence of everything a cowboy holds dear. Rugged leather, spicy tobacco, rare high desert botanicals and cruelty free animalics enliven a heart of vintage organic Texas cedarwood. The pyramid graphic shows the unfoldment of notes that enchant during the extended dry down.

ABOUT THE NAME "Pearl snap shirts are the choice of real cowboys. When moving between the tonnage of bucking animals, breakaway snaps are a safety feature which prevent the cowboy from being snagged, tangled or dragged inside the rodeo arena or out on the range. You can sometimes distinguish a real cowboy from a wannabe by the type of buttons on his shirt. This fragrance is lovingly dedicated to the memory of a true cowboy, Lee Penland, who wore pearl snap shirts each and every day."