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MOTHER OF ALL ROSES - Natural Rose Soliflore Perfume


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Nature's crowning glory unfurls with heady blossoms, green leaves and woody branches. Sweet, spicy, earthy, and transformative as any magnum opus of high perfumery must be, precious natural roses are presented from top to bottom for a sensation you can feel in your entire body. 

Rose oil inspires the most noble human attributes of truth, love, creativity, style, valor, charm, delight, fulfillment, clarity, joy, peace and sincerity.  Enjoy this perfume for beauty's own sake, or facilitate deep inner work as you follow your nose into the heart of love itself during your meditations.

Many were called but few were chosen during the creative process. From her vast organ of notes, Christi selected only those essences which played to remind her of a certain, special rose in the Portland Rose Garden that her family would visit for Mother's Day picnics when she was a child. Like mother like daughter, an exuberant Christi would return to greet her favorite roses each year - especially the dinner-plate sized, creamy blossoms with black pepper tones and fruity highlights. Here she shares the delightful aroma of that rose with you.

See the pyramid graphic for all rose notes. Rose oil is a nutraceutical - skin loves to drink it up and put it to use inside the body. Moderate projection from the skin lasts several hours - much longer when sprayed on a scarf or the pages of your journal.

Zero synthetic rose notes, geranium or "rose-like" essences. Surprisingly unisex. Cruelty free, vegan and halal