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LINGERIE - Natural Jasmine Sambac Soliflore High Perfumery


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Unequaled in her embodiment of femininity, natural Arabian Jasmine (sambac) has been prized for centuries as a devotional anointment, aphrodisiac, antidepressant and mnemonic anchor for hypnosis and magic. It’s not surprising to learn that this pink oil is loaded with pheromones - many people experience full-on euphoria under her effects.

LINGERIE opens outrageous and loud for your aromatherapeutic pleasure, but settles quickly. Purists will revel in the authenticity of the Egyptian and Indian varieties selected. Companion notes (see pyramid graphic) refract the jasmine. Bourgeonal at .00003% is an agonist at the human testicular olfactory receptor, a strong chemoattractant in sperm behavioral assays!

Anointing yourself with the crown jewel of perfumery is a sacred act of adornment, as is getting “changed” into lingerie. Both offer the guarantee of embodying audacious femininity from head to toe.

Lingerie. Put it on.