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KAZIMI - 100% Natural Rose High Perfumery


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There is no substitute for the natural essence of rose.  Chemists may have achieved the ability to fool then ose, but not the rest of the body! Real rose oil has a measurable effect on the heart and subtle bodies that synthetics cannot deliver. 

A universal symbol of beauty, natural rose perfumes have always been considered “sacred blends”.  The blue rose is esoterically known as "The Druid's Rose" and it's appearance signifies the advancement of the inner alchemical mysteries.  

Just as a rose bush can live for hundreds of years, producing more fragrant and beautiful roses with each passing year, Kazimi will continue to beautify with the passage of time. The myriad of rose notes in Kazimi are 100% natural - this is unheard of in niche perfumery, where it is a universal practice to "stretch" natural rose oil with synthetics and isolates.