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Most who walk the wooded path near the beaver dam pay no attention to the small stand of burled Madrona trees, however you stop to cherish them. Caressing the texture of the bark releases a beautiful perfume and you are enraptured by the aroma and rugged beauty of the gnarled wood.

Aware that the trees could be poached by someone aware of their commercial value, you pause in honor of their vulnerability. Since time immemorial, burled wood has been sought to decorate the most luxurious items in the world. This cluster of mature trees would be viewed as "ripe for exploitation." 

Their secret is safe with you. The trees live another day and gift you with the memory of their perfume. Aromatic sunshine and the scent of creative potential in equal harmony with the grounding notes of noble woods and natural treasures which decorate the forest.  The epitome of luxury - yours to cherish!