Totally Natural Incense Cones

Incense is the original perfume and the life-breath of poets, dreamers and mystics around the world. Come "through smoke" to enjoy 100% natural, burnable versions of the most popular House of Matriarch perfumes

Cast the perfect mood or perfume yourself with a smoke bath. You will experience a shift in consciousness due to the mild mood altering effects of the natural essences, an effect not found with synthetic incenses.

Purists will recognize the quality and authenticity of the essences immediately.  Cones are cleaner burning and safer than joss sticks for children, pets and plants who share your environment.  Free of DPG - a solvent used in the production of mass produced incense which is toxic when burned.  

** Light the tip and set the cone on a bed of ash (not a hard surface) so that it can breathe from the bottom as it burns. Good air flow is required, otherwise charcoals can be utilized.

33 cones in each coppery tin - the perfect handmade gift.  

ANTIMONY:  Palo Santo, guaicwood, gurjun balsam, copal, oud

BLACK No1:  Oud, Buddha wood, champaca, hiba  

DEVOTION:  Omani frankincense, Somalian myrrh


KAZIMI:  Rose, opoponax, Mysore sandalwood, oud

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