AUTUMN High Perfumery Discovery Set

Minis are the perfect size for travel and sharing. High quality misters deliver a "full bottle" style veil of perfume for ample coverage with just one spray.

Perfume your entire Autumn, with a fragrance for every mood of the season. You will receive five 3.3ml perfumes boxed in black and perfect for gifting. 

Primitive woods, sappy balsams, rich resins, smoothing gourmand notes, several layered labdanum fractions including hydrocarboresin, a melange of exotic spices, and even a rare fossilized amber from millions of years ago, specially distilled for it's high phenol content and resonant depth.

PEARL SNAPS is the essence of everything a cowboy holds dear. Rugged leather, spicy tobacco, rare high desert botanicals and cruelty free animalics enliven a heart of vintage organic Texas cedarwood. The pyramid graphic shows the unfoldment of notes that enchant during the extended dry down.

For fragrance connoisseurs, Coco Blanc is the “gourmand gold standard” – a fragrance savored and adored all around the world for it's universal beauty.  You will fall in love with this 100% natural perfume’s yummy gourmand notes, soft noble woods, warm chai spices and exotic massoia.

Evocative of riding through a medieval forest - downwind of sweet grasses curing in the sunshine of nearby fields, DESTRIER is unisex fragrance for lovers of horses, leather notes and grassy, natural coumarinic drydowns.  

Liquid gold. Intense, yet subtle. More than one hundred different natural essences comprise this silky amber perfume. Fresh mimosa and davana top notes awaken the luxurious unfolding of this ultra-natural honeyed amber as costus offers it's animalic mystique.


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