High Flavor - Exotic Natural Essences for Next Level Beverage Crafting


Beverage crafting is a pillar of epicureanism - fragrant spirit pairings can evoke moods, delight the palate with interesting juxtapositions and add crescendos to the dining experience.  For those seeking the next level of luxury and decadence, essences from the perfumer's organ are here to delight the palate and fuel the imagination.

Atomize across the top of a finished cocktail or in lieu of a twist.  Replace your vermouth with a spritz of High Flavor in your martini or Manhattan.  Better than bitters - with each sip, the "perfume" elevates your sensory experience to another level.  Each 16ml atomizing vial contains more than 300 spritzes - enough for 100+ servings. 

Allowable for virgin beverages - wonderful with water, soda and tea. 100% natural - nothing artificial.  Vegan, gluten free and halal.