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THE MAJ - 100% Natural Artisan Fragrance - An ode to Majmua


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Majmua is the essence of India. The word means “gathering” since this ageless blend represents the entire gathering (sourcing) of an attar maker's organ. Some attar buyers will rank the quality of a supplier by smelling only their house Majmua! 

Here, it is not the Perfumer's arrangement that is featured - it is the instrument they have constructed to compose from that is transparently revealed ...nearly every essence in the perfumer's palette is used in it's making.

THE MAJ is the highest expression of majmua. This modernized (yet still 100% natural) perfume is blended with hundreds of the finest essences and the best grape spirits money buy to demonstrate the ageless, exquisite combination of notes that has come to be known to attar lovers as majmua. 

Some of the elements of this fine perfume date back to the early 1900's, so it's highly appealing to fans of cellared fragrances. Prominent notes are aged Mysore sandalwood attars of kewra, kadam, mitti and vetiver which form a magical quintessence worthy of magic carpet rides, royalty and the most romantic of occasions. 

"The kind of perfume you plan your day around." DeadIdol, Fragrantica

 "When I sniff The Maj I see visions of exotic women clad in radiant colors and painted with henna. Faraway marketplaces bustle with life and exotic powders, herbs and concoctions. I see proud Maharajahs riding on elephants with shining adornments of gold and rubies. I feel the warmth of the Gobi Desert, feel the ancient presence of Mysore sandalwood trees and hear exotic instruments playing a haunting tune from long ago. Women dance, veils twirl and heady incense fills the air, and somewhere Vishnu (sitting on his lotus with Parvati) smiles."  J. Reasinger