SACRE NOIR - Winter "Holy-Day" Limited Edition Fragrance

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During the darkest night, in the darkest hour, the Holly King emerges from the timeless enchanted forest to anoint us with the ancient purpose of the "holly-days / holy-days" - to draw us close to one another.   

SACRE NOIR is a dark forest scent with sparkling gourmand nuances, the chorus echoing in a perfectly unisex aromatic arrangement. This is the one and only House of Matriarch fragrance that noticeably varies from vintage to vintage, depending on the weather and it's effects on the various conifers in the formulation.
Heart notes of noble woods, resinous incenses, fantastical holly, exotic spices and warm balsams evoke feelings of comfort and cheer while a twinkling sugarplum accord offers an almost edible deliciousness to this otherwise dark and resinous holiday fragrance.  
Inspired by Joseph Sagona

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