SACRE NOIR - Midwinter Fragrance of THE HOLLY KING - House of Matriarch High Perfumery
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SACRE NOIR - Winter "Holy-Day" High Perfumery


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During the darkest night, in the darkest hour, the Holly King emerges from the timeless enchanted forest to anoint us with the ancient purpose of the "holly-days / holy-days" - to draw us close to one another.   

SACRE NOIR is a dark forest scent with sparkling gourmand nuances, the chorus echoing in a perfectly unisex aromatic arrangement. Heart notes of noble woods, resinous incenses, fantastical holly, exotic spices and warm balsams evoke feelings of comfort and cheer while a twinkling sugarplum accord offers an almost edible deliciousness to this otherwise dark and resinous holiday fragrance.  
Inspired by Joseph Sagona