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"from the depths of a primeval forest, where towering trees drip with golden resin and long extinct, fantastical creatures thrive in abundance." 

Amber is the most beloved accord in all of perfumery. As a core category of scent, amber perfumes can range from sweet and sheer to deep and musky. They can be as comforting and magnetically alluring as our collective memory of the ancient forests of long ago.

Instead of the synthetic amber molecules found in modern amber perfumes, Christi composed her liquid thesis of amber over ten years, each aspect chosen to showcase the darker aspects of the amber spectrum. In all, more than 120 natural essences were included.

Primitive woods, sappy balsams, rich resins, smoothing gourmand notes, several layered labdanum fractions including hydrocarboresin, a melange of exotic spices, and even a rare fossilized amber from millions of years ago, specially distilled for it's high phenol content and resonant depth.

Different temperatures and settings bloom different notes with each wearing. To experience the full dry down, observe this perfume throughout all four seasons.

Oh, the joy!