HIGH BEAUTY BATH - Mysore Sandalwood, Rose Otto & Pink Halite Bath Oil - House of Matriarch High Perfumery
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HIGH BEAUTY BATH - Mysore Sandalwood, Rose Otto & Pink Halite Bath Oil


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Christi's personal daily ritual, this mineralized, perfumed bath oil is formulated with the finest organic rose otto, Mysore sandalwood, virgin's milk, black copal and pink halite. 

A magical trio of AROMA, MINERAL & WATER therapies dissolve all that weighs on your mind and body. Pink halite is a more powerful etheric cleanser than sea salt, but without the drying effects that handfuls of salt can have on your skin.

There is a noticeable shift in consciousness as you emerge from this intimate bathing ritual renewed, glowing and exquisitely perfumed. 

SUGGESTIONS: Use 1ml for a de-toxifying foot soak, 5ml in small bath tubs, and 10ml for large baths. It is best to add the oil just as you enter the tub, not while the water is running. Any crystals in the oil will dissolve once they hit the water.  If you are on a municipal water source, let the hot water sit for five minutes before adding the oil. This allows dissipation of the chlorine and other pollutants prior to your soak. Not for use in hot tubs. Bath oils can create slippery surfaces, use care getting in and out of the tub. 

* Vegan, kosher, halal.  Not tested on animals. Virgin's milk is an ancient benzoin beauty preparation. Pink halite sourced from Searles Lake, California.