Unveiled - Artisan Fine Fragrance

Fragrant interpretation of art piece "Frequency"

THEME: The Vertex: a doorway to other realities.


NOTES:  Citrus leaves, orange blossom, lime blossom, neroli, cucumber, mimosa, galbanum, spices, conifers, amber, oud.

Lime blossom helps us revitalize and dream prophetically. Mimosa is an antidote for negative programming. Neroli taps hidden creativity as petitgrain increases originality and openness to new experiences.

Fragrantica Review by Ida Meister:

"My nose says: Oooooh. Summertime in my tiny vial gavottes before my nostrils, and I’m in its thrall. Cucumbers and linden! Coolly transparent fruit of the vine dallies with delectable blossom. The eventual outcome yields fraîcheur underscored with great delicacy, subtle woody resin tones. Simply lovely."