Twin Flame - Natural Soliflore Fragrance Featuring Roman Chamomile


An enlightened arrangement of double-blooming Roman chamomile and earthy ambrette seed absolute, alchemized in rose-quartz spirits. This is High Perfumery - the balance of opposing notes within a single harmonious accord that carries from top to bottom. The secret is found (as always) in the heart - where a bouquet of 13 natural floral notes provide the pedestal upon which chamomile reigns supreme. 

House of Matriarch is known for our top-down design style of "masculine floral" fragrances, and TWIN FLAME is no exception.  Here you find chamomile in it's full expression - with effects to the subtle body immediately apparent to the wearer.  

Reveal. Dissolve. Reflect. Repeat. This is the journey of TWIN FLAME.