Experience Spikenard Sample Trio

Experience spikenard

Three unisex fragrances featuring Spikenard from Nepal - scarce, sacred and recently restricted for export, spikenard is consciousness expanding and imparts an irreplaceable, regal magic to high perfumery creations. 

2ml each of KazimiAntimony and Bittersweet Symphony.


Rose and spikenard have always been married. Spikenard is apparent at first spray and thru ring the entire drydown, providing interest and amplifying the inherent spiciness of the natural rose essences in this 100% natural fragrance.

Here, the spikenard takes a smoky form. Wearing ANTIMONY is akin to the ancient protective ritual of rimming your eyes with kohl. This talismanic perfume draws from the noble history of cosmetica when spikenard was used in sacred cosmetic making. 

Blended teas and bittersweet Dutch process cocoa absolute invite the spikenard to linger, a festival of the bitter things in life becoming oh so sweet!