SuperNatural Collection - 100% Natural Artisan Fine Fragrance. (Set of thirteen 3.3ml atomizers)

Enchant your senses with the SuperNatural Collection. Your beautiful boxed miniature set will showcase the vastness of Nature's abundance with a masterpiece perfume for each fragrance family.

These exquisite fragrances are hand blended from the world's finest 100% natural essences and organic perfume spirits (grown and distilled right here in Washington) by our perfumer Christi Meshell.

From light, floral notes to musky ambers, each miniature is adorned with a jeweled cap in the metallic Pantone shade to match our original full-sized bottles.  A generous 3.3ml of extrait, "pure perfume", is housed inside each atomizer, for about seventy sprays of each perfume.  

The perfumes in this collection are:  Alpha, Ambre Vie, Bohemian Black, Carmine, Coco Blanc, Destiny,  EnTendre,  Forbidden,  Francesca,  Lucid,  oM, The Maj and Woo. 

*Nearly sold out as some of the perfumes in this collection are now out of production.