Sacre Noir - Winter "Holy-Day" Limited Edition Fragrance - 2018 Vintage

Sacre Noir
During the darkest night, in the darkest hour, The Holly King emerges from the timeless enchanted forest to anoint us with the ancient purpose of the "holly-days / holy-days" - to draw us close to one another. 
Holly is a theme almost never explored in High Perfumery - and with good reason.  The plant bears no essence so the note of holly is always represented by a "fantasy accord."  
SACRE NOIR begins as a dark forest scent.  The heart of noble woods, resinous incenses, exotic spices and warm balsams evoke feelings of comfort and cheer while a single drop of oak represents the seed of the King's lighter side, now concealed.  Christi's "Sugarplum" accord (a key element of The Longing) provides a familiar hymn of gourmand beauty to this otherwise dark and resinous holiday fragrance. 
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