House of Matriarch Natural Perfume Making Bases

House of Matriarch is now offering our proprietary, pre-fixed perfumer's bases to professional perfumers in the continental United States.  Universal, blank-canvas naturals act as an anonymous pedestal for your own accords - elevating your formulations without leaving their own signature. 

Created and denatured through the natural pre-fixation of grape spirits and free of synthetic denaturing additives, they are suitable for the formulation of 100% natural perfumes.  Since there is no grain or corn (the distillate comes from grapes) the bases are also considered halal.  

Use ml for ml as a direct replacement for your current solvent.  Simply add the compounded essence blend in the desired concentration - no water or fixatives are necessary to complete the perfume, although they can be added at the perfumer's discretion due to the open ended nature of the blends.  Reformulation will not be necessary.  Choose a base to match to the fragrance family of the perfume or choose the neutral base with it's mild blend of true and exalting fixatives.  Once you experiment with these bases, you won't want to use any other kind of base - nothing else compares.  

Blends take on a "certain special something" that can only be achieved through a clean, high quality base. Top notes are free to sing as there are no harsh denaturing agents to drown out the most delicate notes while the grape distillate optimizes the maturation of the fragrance for a perfume that will smell better and better with the passage of time. 

***For professional fragrance making only.  Not suitable for flavor compounding or consumption.  Sold at wholesale only - a current business license must be provided prior to order fulfillment.  Considered a "finished fragrance" per regulatory standards. Confidentiality and satisfaction are guaranteed.