"Peace, Love & Perfume" Liquid Music Trio: Oh My Stars, Daft Love & Behind the Curtain

Briefed by The Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Carlos Powell for the Peace, Love, Perfume Project, the perfumes were designed by Christi Meshell from the highest quality essences on Earth, containing a minimum of 70% organics. There are no fragrance oils or pre-mixed bases. May contain ethically sourced animal essences.  

  1. OH, MY STARS!  Vintage disco in liquid form. Musical Inspiration: The Stars on 45 Beatle's Medley. TOP:  iris, davana, mimosa, cannabis, shiso, geranium.  HEART:  vintage patchouli, rose, amber, oud, jasmine, lily.  BASE: ambrette musk, tobacco, orris root, labdanum, East Indian sandalwood.
  2. DAFT LOVE   Warm powdered sheets; musky & gourmand.  Musical Inspiration:  Daft Punk's Digital Love 
    TOP:  white ginger, baby powder, broom, carnation. HEART: rose, powder pouf, cedar, clove, hay. BASE: oakmoss, vanilla, heliotrope, white musk, sandalwood, tobacco.
  3. BEHIND THE CURTAIN  A strange inky brew: purely magical. Musical Inspiration: Lopazz's Perfume Laboratory TOP:  black currant, chaste tree berry, raspberry, elder flower, honeysuckle. HEART: tropical woods, cassie, peony, leather, lychee, white amber, ylang ylang.
    BASE: powder, white musk, vanilla, orris root, oud, patchouli.